Stretching poses

Stretching can be an important part of your sport related illustrations - get inspired with our references from this collection!
With our Stretching Poses collection, you will find a variety of positions that range from gentle stretching exercises to energetic contortions, enabling artists to explore diverse scenarios and capture the human form in various artistic mediums.
By using our Stretching Poses collection, artists can break free from the limitations of static references and breathe life into their creations, infusing them with a sense of movement, grace, and vitality.
Unlike traditional pose references, our 3D models and scenes allow artists to manipulate angles, lighting, and even experiment with unique perspectives, ensuring endless opportunities for artistic exploration and innovation!

Click on the poses to open them in PoseMy.Art! - You can play with the scene to create the exact pose reference you need for your drawing! (It's also super fun!)

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