See the features that PoseMyArt offers to help you create your scenes

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3D Poseable models

Move and rotate 3D models to get the desired poses

Poseable 3D model
3D model in the middle of a hand stand animation

Huge animations and poses library

Use 2400+ animations and poses to experiment and create your scenes

Save and load your scenes

Never lose the scenes you work on

3D model catch ball to save it
3D model posed as falling, with light and shadow

Adjustable directional light and shadows

Control the direction and the intensity of the light to light the scene and create shadows

Basic Shapes

Create the props you want for your scene with multiple basic shapes

3D model posed as holding a lot of props
3D model posed with a different field of view for an interesting perspective

Camera Perspective

Use a dynamic field of view to create the perspective you want for your scene

Load Images

Load custom images to alter the composition of your scene.

3D model posed as thinking while looking at an image of itself thinking