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Simple and powerful human poser with a huge animations/poses library that helps you create pose reference for your art

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Pose Reference - A woman stabing using a katana - A realistic woman model holding katana and stabbing

If you're an artist you know how much drawing the human body is hard. The complex shapes of the human body, proportions and the lighting on the different volumes of the parts of the body make it hard to draw.

To ease our process of drawing the human body we use human body references. But when searching the internet for human body references we more often than not find references that doesn't fit the character poses (or body types and poses) we want to draw.

That is the reason PoseMy.Art was created! PoseMy.Art is a human poser that can help you create the right human pose reference you need for your drawings. PoseMy.Art contains a variety of models with different human body types to help you find the right human body proportions you need for your drawing reference.

PoseMy.Art is the best human poser online, offering a huge library of animations and poses of over 2400+ for any human body pose you want to draw.

Our huge animations library can help you find the a dynamic human body pose coming right of the real movement that made that human body pose happen (the animations are realistic motion capture animations, so the poses that come out of it are super realistic (and dynamic) as well)

Stop wasting time searching for human pose drawing reference. Create the specific human pose reference you need with our awesome human poser.

And the best part is that it's free!

Over 2400+ Animations and Poses

With such a huge library, creating and finding pose reference has never been easier

Pose Reference - superhero punches the bad guy - superhero punches the bad guy
Pose Reference - man and woman sitting togerther 2 - man and woman sitting and watching the stars, woman points to the sky

Multiple Poseable Models and Props

Create the precise pose reference for your characters drawings with a big library of realistic and anime models and props

Checkout our premade poses reference library

Our premade scenes will make it even easier to find and create scene for your drawing reference

Checkout our Reference Library!
Pose Reference - man resting in woman's lap  - man resting in woman's lap

Free, Online, Simple, Easy, Fast

Designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

Pose Reference - man sitting on a barrel  - man sitting on a barrel forearms on knees

Why artists love PoseMyArt <3

"This is fantastic! I saw similar apps, but you always needed to download them and get used to the controls, etc."

- Julia K.

"The vast animation library is super cool. It lets you capture poses that looks real but would be tough to recreate manually!"

- Sagi K.

"I have no idea how I stumbled across your website, but honestly after playing around with 1 model, this might be one of the best 3D posing tools I've ever used for drawing reference."

- Jourdan Lasko

Pose Reference - piggyback  - man giving woman a piggyback

Join thousands of artists who are Posing Their Art

Pose Reference - superhero group pose - group of superhero standing together

"...honestly after playing around with 1 model, this might be one of the best 3D posing tools I've ever used for drawing reference." - Jourdan Lasko

Start Posing Your Art! It's Free!

Dynamic Poses Reference

The reference we use plays a big role on how the final art piece will come to life. Create a more fluid and dynamic art without being limited by your art reference.

No More Wasting Time

Instead of searching for poses reference online, you can just create the exact poses reference you need for your art.

Explore New Ideas

Don't know how you want your scene to look like? Play with the model poser to explore new ideas for poses and scenes.

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