Change Log

Change log and updates to PoseMyArt

15 Oct 2021

- Added the "Join Our Community" button

06 Oct 2021

- Changed minor cosmetic things (typos, names and a warning for the performance when activating the shadows)

04 Sep 2021

- Added the realistic muscular male model

14 Aug 2021

- Added the "choose random animation" button.
- Changed the animation menu categories and types to look better and be more usable
- Fixed a few visual bugs.

08 Aug 2021

- Added premade scenes.
- Fixed a renedering bug.
- Changed the control gadget to world cordinates in some cases to make more sense.

24 July 2021

- Added a new female model with anime-like proportions.

10 July 2021

- Added images - now you can load images to your scenes.
- Saving system changed - now you can download the save file.

26 June 2021

- Optimized the loading speed of the app.

22 June 2021

- Added save and load - you can now save your scenes.
- Added the male mannequin model - a less stylized and more realistic model